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Direct Data Services is a third-party mail provider. We produce mail for multiple insurance entities that sell legitimate state-regulated insurance products for seniors. We do not sell any insurance products; we only provide mailing services to businesses. Mail recipients who no longer wish to receive mail from any of our clients can opt-out by:

Opt-Out Through this Site

Fill out our Opt-Out Request Form to be removed from future mailings.


The information you provide in the form on the right will only be used to adequately match your name and contact data to ensure you are removed or suppressed from our mailing process. Since we do not maintain a static mail list and buy new records with each mailing, our practice is to maintain a suppression or do not contact list and remove those names from purchased lists. You may opt-out of communication from us at any time.

Opt-Out by Phone
Call toll-free: (888) 998-1851 and provide the full name and address printed on the card you received or the six-digit code located in the bottom middle of the card.

Once you have filled out our Opt-Out Request Form or called (888) 998-1851 you are added to our do not contact list which will remove you from our mailings. You COULD still receive mail that was already processed at our facility prior to receiving your opt-out request since there is a six to eight-week lag time, but no additional mail matching your information will be processed after you opt-out.

Opt-Out Request Form:

Six Digit Code:

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Reason for Opting-Out:

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